Enterprise Computing

QDS brings an outstanding breadth of expertise and experience to your storage needs in defining current and future requirements, assessing cost-benefit ratios that meet your strategic objectives and requirements for size, location and management. You can be sure that our solutions will serve you into the future and give you added business advantage over your competitors.

Enterprise storage becomes critical as data volumes increase and the risks to data integrity and security becomes more complex. In addition to connectivity, the network environment, and disaster recovery all must be taken into consideration.

QDS excels in providing the three key storage solution elements:

  • Availability
  • Security
  • Accessibility

QDS’s solutions in this area include:

  • Enterprise storage consolidation
  • Storage virtualisation
  • Data lifecycle management
  • Backup and replication systems
  • Data archiving
  • Effective data storage management
  • Disaster recovery

Disk Arrays and Virtualisation

These solutions help customers centralise storage -- lowering costs, making administration easier, and reducing downtime. They suit physical or virtual server environments. Customers can increase disk utilisation with appropriate design and virtualisation.

Backup and Replication Systems

Backup solutions offer virtual tape, NAS presentation, data de-duplication and replication. They can be applied to remote offices and company data centers, maintaining data consistency. QDS’s implementation management ensures that these solutions are easy to manage and fully integrated, ensuring that you have the required bandwidth and capabilities.

Data Archiving

QDS uses industry leading archiving and storage solutions to help you manage the vast data volumes generated in your organization. We integrate these with your existing infrastructure and reduce your storage costs.

Client Benefits

  • Data protection
  • Reliable backup and restore operations
  • Scalable environments
  • Lower operating costs
  • Leveraged business intelligence
  • Managed complex data network environments
  • Data availability

Enterprise Servers

QDS understands the need of computing requirements and today’s IT challenges faced by most organizations. We therefore deliver a complete stack of computing products and solutions with latest technology, from application to servers to blades and disk, ensuring high availability, scalability, reliability and efficiency while improving performance.

QDS offers world class scalable sever solutions and infrastructure products that will dramatically change the way the organization’s compute and maintain their business systems, optimize business outcomes, decrease TCO and reduce risks.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Turnkey Solutions encompassing High Availability Servers and Storage Solutions with commitments of 99 % to 99.99% Availability.
  • Design of High Performance and Scalable Server Farm for clients having more than 1000 users.
  • Multi-Vendor Operating Systems (HP-UX, Microsoft Windows and Linux)
  • Lower investment through Virtualization Solutions.
  • High End Server Consolidation and Optimization Solutions resulting in reduced TCO.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions
  • Promoting usage of Green Technology compliant Blade Infrastructure